Airport Supplies & Service, Inc. has many services available for the Ground Support Equipment industry; from towing and transportation to custom hydraulic and body work. The following is a brief description of the services that we offer. For further information on any service please contact us.

Towing and Transportation

With a full line of towing and transportation options available for a wide variety of Ground Support Equipment, Airport Supplies & Service can move any unit from a small baggage tractor to a deicing unit or cargo loader. Towing and transportation of GSE can sometimes be over long distances, we can ship any piece anywhere it needs to go, we have shipped items throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Custom Body Shop Work

As we all know, Ground Support Equipment at any airport takes quite a bit of abuse. Airport Supplies & Service offers custom body work for any piece of equipment that may need it. We offer a full line of auto body needs including, but not limited to, bodywork, paint, and frame straightening.

Custom Hydraulic Shop

With the extensive hydraulic systems on many types of Ground Support Equipment many items need replacing, or rebuilding. Our custom hydraulic shop has rebuilding capabilities for units including but not limited to pumps, cylinders, valves and motors. The normal turn around time for any unit sent in for rebuild is usually seventy-two hours, however any emergency items can usually be rebuilt or replaced within twenty-four hours.

Hydraulic Hose Shop

With our hydraulic hose swaging machine, we can fabricate, from a sample, any hydraulic hose necessary. We stock a full line of high pressure and thermo-plastic hose, fittings and adapters to fit every need. Turn around time for any custom hose work is usually twenty-four hours from receipt of the sample.

Rebuild Shop

Starters and alternators, generators and electric motors, we can handle them all. Our rebuild shop can take on any unit and guarantee its repair in as little as twenty-four hours. Each unit is inspected upon receipt to determine if rebuilding is a cost effective means of repair. If it is determined that a brand new unit is a better option, Airport Supplies & Service has the ability to provide the new unit as well.

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